Three Main Factors to Consider When Setting Up a Meeting Room

Have you ever been to a meeting room? If not, this article is relevant to your quest in setting up a meeting room for the first time. One clear thing is you cannot plan for a meeting room as the way you do in your home.

You will probably need a spacious room where you can plan for everything that will be used during the meeting. Well, the following are some of the crucial things that can’t be avoided when setting up a meeting room

Things to keep in mind when setting up a meeting room

  • Furniture

For furniture, you need to select chairs that are ergonomic and relaxing to sit on for long hours, especially if the meeting is long. If the chairs are not comfortable enough, people will get tired after only a few hours of sitting on them and this will affect their mental health, and they will find it hard to concentrate on what is being said. But ergonomic seats will provide the comfort they need to stay focused on the meeting for any duration of time. Also, you should consider having wheeled chairs to avoid noise that may arise when a member pulls a chair in the right position.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is another crucial factor to think about when setting up your meeting room. First, the room should be within the vicinity and the attendees should be able to easily spot a banner or post on the door. Other physical cues like the braille might be of help to attendees who are visually impaired.

Secondly, the equipment should be placed in the right position where everyone can reach it at any time. So, you need to think of a place where both tall and short people find it easy to access certain equipment without calling for help from their colleagues.

Lastly, the entrances/exits should be wide enough to allow attendees to pass with ease, even those who are in wheelchairs. Nowadays, everything you plan that will involve the public requires also planning for people with disabilities to help them realise that they are noticed.

  • Layout

The kind of layout that you choose to go with will depend on the type of meeting that you are hosting. The following are the two main types of layouts for setting up meeting rooms:

The U-shaped style – Here, the tables are placed along each other to form a U-like shape. This leaves an open space as the centre of focus. Thus, a whiteboard or screen can be placed in the centre of focus where every member can see. This is more suitable for meetings that are presentation-driven.

The boardroom style – Where the seats are placed around a centralised set of tables that have been grouped. It is perfect for in-person kinds of meetings because everyone is visible to the other.

Tips on hiring a meeting room at Gold Coast

Before you book a meeting room at Gold Coast, consider the following factors:

Cost – You have to be wary of the cost of securing a given meeting room. Fortunately, there are plenty of firms dealing with meeting rooms and you can always find the one within your budget.

Location – You also have to take note of the location of that meeting room. You need to find a meeting room in a location where most of the attendees, if not all, will find it easy to access.

Different Uses For Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are straps or cords that have been sewn together in a loop designed and worn around the neck. They have a clip or hook attached to them. Custom lanyards are popular as giveaway items at various events. Custom lanyards can come with badge holders, key rings, or any other kinds of attachments for various unique reasons. They are used to identify people so that at crowded events, they will be recognisable. You can have a lanyard created with your own logo or design.

1. Using lanyards

– Lanyards are very helpful for events with a large number of people, such as trade shows and conferences. At events, they are useful to people because a worker at an event can attach their badge or key ring to a lanyard and know where it is all the time when they need it for identification.

– Full-colour lanyards are also called satin lanyards and personalised with detailed graphics and colour photography.

– Sturdy lanyards with safety breakaways and detachable clips get used for long-term uses every day and for holding keys and ID tags. People who are on staff at different institutions use these kinds of lanyards.

– Reflective lanyards are used by people who are employed in situations at night, such as night security.

2. Places using  lanyards

– At colleges and universities by both staff and students. Both student and teacher identification with colour photos are hung around necks by lanyards.

– At financial institutions and corporate offices, lanyards are needed to ID visitors and are usually handed out at reception areas. The identification of visitors is vital for security purposes.

– At large events and concerts, staff requires lanyards with special badges so they can go backstage or onto a sports field, Having a lanyard around the neck is a quick way to gain access to wherever they are needed.

– Government workers require lanyards because they work in a highly secure environment and need to have ID so they can have access to all parts of a government building. A lanyard and badge combination is a great way for these workers to get access to all the areas they need to check out, and when a reflective strip is attached, it is excellent for nighttime low-light situations and regions.

– Gyms and health clubs use lanyards to attach membership cards. This helps the staff keep track of all the members and can easily see who does not belong at the club.

 Lanyards are essential for healthcare workers, especially those who are in charge of medical supplies. Keys for authorised areas are attached to these lanyards as well as IDs so that health care workers can do their job without being stopped by security.

– Lanyards are also used by hotel and resort staff in all spheres of the hospitality industry. Guests need to be able to identify them. The staff also need to have access to controlled areas, so keys are also attached to these lanyards.

– Media reporters use lanyards so they can get into press-only areas. They are identifiable, so they can also get close to celebrities.

– Teaching staff of any school or administration have to have lanyards to attach their ID badges and keys required to open classrooms and offices.

So if you need lanyards for yourself and your employees, remember that AAC supply custom lanyards. Check out their site online that offers custom lanyards so you can get just the kind you require.

Choose wedding venues in Mornington Peninsula for the perfect ambience

The choice of wedding venue is probably the biggest and most important decision an engaged couple will have to make. It is because the wedding venue can influence everything from attire, vendors, decor, and budget.

The wedding venue setting has to provide the perfect ambience to make it memorable for both the couple and their guests. Wedding venues Mornington Peninsula offers settings that are perfectly suitable for all types and kinds of wedding themes.


Choosing the types and kinds of Wedding Venues


The choice of wedding venue depends on the taste and preference of the engaged couple. Wedding planners recommend choosing a venue that feels like home to the couple. Here are some wedding venue suggestions to make the big day as perfect as it can be:

Traditional hotel or ballroom

Ballrooms and hotels offer the best classic wedding setting for traditionalist couples. An estate, a castle or a historic home can provide a different but decadent setting to make the wedding venue look like a fairy tale come true.

Art galleries, lofts, and warehouses

Huge spaces with an industrial backdrop are gained by wedding parties held in art galleries, lofts, and warehouses. The ultimate flexibility is provided by these settings where the bride and groom can create their unique ideas.


Huge outdoor space

Couples that love family backyard parties will find their idyllic wedding venue in huge outdoor spaces. The thing is to look for a lovely garden setting that can comfortably accommodate wedding guests.

Ranches, barns, and farms

The rustic look and setting are always appealing. The rustic setting can provide a fabulous backdrop for elegant chairs and tables, chandeliers, and outdoor fire pits. Trees can be strung up with fairy lights to create a magical setting for a magical moment.


Beach resorts, vineyards, and other natural landscapes

When it comes to stunning views, Mother Nature does it best. Having the wedding at natural landscapes ensure couples of a venue that amps the wow factor.


Vacation home rentals

Generally, a weeks’ rent is charged when renting a vacation home. However, the cost of renting a vacation house as a wedding venue provides a transcendental setting for small and private weddings. The idea of having the wedding at a vacation home is fast becoming trendy with couples favouring small and intimate wedding parties.

Mountaintops and planetariums

Some couples want their wedding to be unique and peerless above the usual. Planetariums and mountaintops provide phenomenal and magnificent backdrops for a wedding event. The couple also gets to save on decor and flowers with the free natural blooms and grand view furnished by these venues.

Sentimental places

More and more couples are choosing sentimental places to host their wedding. This could range from a favourite restaurant to a place of the proposal. This has become one of the trendy wedding ideas that couples are favouring.

Weekend celebrations

Choosing remote locations to host weekend weddings are also becoming popular. Celebrating the wedding in places such as a desert set with tents for guests can become an unforgettable experience for all.


Getting married is one of the momentous events in the life of an individual. This is why choosing the perfect wedding venue is a must for all couples. The choice of a wedding venue can either bring unforgettable or forgettable memories to the couple and their guests. Wedding venues organised by The Wedding Depot will definitely make a big impact to your event.