Chartering a Fishing Boat

Are you a fishing enthusiast? If yes, then fishing in Cairns is every Anglers dream come true. The catch is plenty and no matter what time of the year it is, you can fish all that you want to. And if you decide to go fishing somewhere from September to December, who know you might be lucky enough to catch a Black Marlin. But of course, all that depends upon the captain and the boat which you charter to take you fishing. This is why it’s important to charter the right fishing boat in Cairns

The following is a step by step process which would make it easy for you to find a fishing charter in Cairns.

  • Get to know the area where you want to fish. If there is a particular area where you are staying, it is normally advisable to choose a fishing point in that place only. However, keep in mind that different varieties of fish are found in different area. If there is a particular species which interests you then you would need to charter a boat which specialises in catching the particular fish.
  • If possible make sure you go and check out the different boast tied to the wharf. Is there a boat which catches your fancy? Even if the boat isn’t too new or has an innovative design but if it has a good captain you are good to go. This is because fishing charters are several hours long. So if you have a good captain you can be assured of having a great time.
  • Just because a boat is new doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great time. It’s also important to have the right crew. If you are an amateur you need someone who could show you the actual ropes of fishing and how things should be handled. It’s much better than being trussed up in a fancy boat getting bored out of your mind. You need someone who keeps things interesting, gives you a few pointers and takes your picture with your first ever catch.
  • Also make sure that the boat which you hire has enough space to accommodate the number of people on the trip with you. If you plan to take your children along, you need to hire a boat which isn’t too narrow.
  • Some charters offer food and drink while others might not. So you need to ensure whether you should be arranging lunch from home or you would be served food on the deck. While some charters even have the policy of keeping the catch and cooking it live, it all depends on what you actually like.
  • There are few charters which start early morning, so make sure you are there on time. It’s always better to choose a half day charter if it’s your first time on a fishing boat.
  • Sometimes making an early booking is a great way to ensure that you get a boat despite the busy tourist season.