Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

Hervey bay is known as the whale watching capital. Why? Because you get to experience the migration of these exotic creatures up close and personal. The whale watching experience has gained a great deal of popularity in the past decade or so. Though there are whale watching tours offered all over the world but in Hervey bay you just can’t beat the heady experience of encountering these gentle giants at such an up close and personal manner.

Unlike other places where the whales simply pass by, at Hervey bay the whales usually stop over for a number of days to calve and rest. The peak whale watching season starts from July to November. You can expect to find the whales just about everywhere.

You can observe the whales either resting or frolicking playfully in the pristine waters of Hervey bay. These calm creatures are protected by the world heritage listed Fraser island. The whales are so relaxed in their natural habitat that you can glimpse them being their most playful self ever. If you are lucky an inquisitive hale might even decide to come and watch the boat up close and even perform a few flips just to elicit the excited response from the people watching them.

There are quite a few whale watching tours operating in Hervey Bay from July to mid-October. The tours vary is duration, style and vessel so you are bound to find one which suits your budget. You can choose a day tour, an evening tour or even a cruise if you are up to it. It all comes down to what is feasible for you.

Interesting facts on hump back whales

  • If you think that your whale watching experience would simply be limited to large animal floating or swimming about in the waters you have got to think again humpback whales are one of the most playful creatures when they are in their natural habitat. They can swim real close to a vessel but be completely unbothered about it as they indulge in their playful frolicking.
  • You may find a whale performing a tail slap. A tail slap is usually a signal from the whale to vessels to not come up too close as you might be in their territory. So often you just wait and watch as to observe what the whale next manoeuvre is going to be.
  • Most skippers of whale watching tour have now become familiar with the signals sent out by the whale and since they can read into those signals, it doesn’t alarm the whale anymore and you can see a vessel floating in the middle of the water while the whale frolics around it with its calves.
  • The positions seem to be getting better each year. There have been a great many spotting and since the whales are somehow now used to seeing a vessel of around sixty people or more hanging over the deck to catch its glimpse it even feels like giving more than a glimpse. It may do some back flips, or gently nudge the vessel too. It’s an experience of a lifetime and one you shouldn’t miss at all if you plan to visit Hervey Bay.